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So, for some reason up until yesterday I thought the plan was for Cory to finish this term, do a summer internship, and then take two more classes and get his degree. Then if he wanted to get his CPA (which he does) he'd take a few more classes at LBCC here and there and take the test and that's that. But then yesterday at lunch he said he's got six classes left after this term if he wants to get his CPA (that makes sense, the two plus another four) so he's thinking of taking some in the summer and some in the fall. Except I don't know if anything is offered in the summer. The point is that I have absolutely no idea what's happening anymore. I don't like the feeling of not having a plan. (Which is probably why I was holding on to this internship + 2 classes plan so much - a plan that Cory said he never said was happening in the first place.) I don't like the drifting feeling. I want to KNOW.