Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Maybe I'll wait another 10 years...

CHS Class of ’98 Reunion Update...

Hey All,

The official reunion dates are August 16th & 17th!! We have reserved a site at Blue Lake Park on Sunday the 17th from 8am to sunset. This will be your opportunity to bring your kids and show them off to the rest of your classmates or just mingle in a more casual setting. There will be grills for BBQ’ing, so B.Y.O.E (bring your own EVERYTHING). There is a playground for the kids, a horseshoe pit and some other fun stuff. Just a few restrictions: no pets and no alcohol, beer or wine. Yes, I know this sucks, but if you really feel the need to catch a buzz keep a cooler in your car and make an occasional pit stop.

The location for Saturday night is still TBD. Remember, check out for periodic updates. I am going to post a list of the people that we are still looking for so if any of you can help us track down the people we would REALLY appreciate it!!


Is it just me, or does this sound like a little less than a rockin' good time? Here's an opportunity to brag about yourself and then go hide to get drunk! Whee!
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