Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I like happy weekends!

Yesterday Cory and I got up earlyish and headed down to Eugene to the Men's Wearhouse. Cory's got a job fair thingy going on in a few days and he needed his first suit for it, and we didn't want to spend a ton of money. We ended up spending about two hours there with Joseph the sales guy, trying them on and getting them fitted. Cory ended up with two nice suits, a shirt and tie, some shoes and socks, and a big bill. But it was money well spent, and he looks very nice. I could tell he felt nice too, from the way his body language changed when he put them on.

We stopped at Bike & Hike on the way home, in downtown Corvallis, and I got a pair of bike panniers and a rack to go over my rear wheel so that I could begin my goal of riding my bike instead of driving the car if I don't have very far to go; like for groceries or movie-renting or whatever. (Actually, we walk to the movie rental place, but you know what I mean.) I like going into Bike & Hike - bike guys are cool.

In the afternoon while Cory studied, I put the rack and panniers on my bike and crocheted a little, and then we walked to Blockbuster and rented Juno and No Country for Old Men, which we watched in the evening. NCfOM was actually less bloody than I thought it would be, and I liked it quite a bit. Juno was also cute.

This morning I walked up to WinCo for the cheap groceries (canned things, bread, that sort of thing - no produce there though 'cause eww), did a bit of laundry, and then biked over to Fred Meyer where I got some veggies and such. I just got back from there - it was really nice actually. I thought I wouldn't like riding my bike alone but I like going my own pace and being quiet and thinking about things (on King's you can't really ride close enough together to chat anyway - it's a busy street), and while I was at the store I wasn't tempted by junk food because I felt so good about riding.

And now it's not even 1 yet - I haven't even eaten lunch. I like it when I'm about done with all my chores and I still have lots of time left to hang out.
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