Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Just as my coworker predicted (well, she just told me about her getting sick a couple of days ago), things are looking down this evening. Luckily I got some dinner down before my throat decided it didn't want me to swallow anymore. I gargled some warm water with tons of salt and baking soda (EWW) and gagged a couple of times (I hadn't gargled in years!) until I got a rhythm going. I still hurt though, partly because I have gunk down there that is trying to come up and coughing does bad things to my esophagus. So I'm staying quiet and trying not to breathe too hard so that I don't have to cough, and whatever's in there can stay in there for a little while.

The rest of me feels just fine though. Hopefully that won't change, but if it does I may have to play hooky from work.
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