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Yesterday I went to a BBQ at my cousin's house in Salem. On the way there, I had to stop along Highway 99 to wait for a flagger to let me by a big wreck that was being cleaned up. There was a chip truck on its side in a field just off the road, and people were transferring the chips to another truck so they could pull the truck out of the dirt. I assumed it was a single-vehicle accident until I talked to my cousin about it - she said it'd happened before noon (I'd driven by after 6) and whoever was in the car (that they'd already towed away before I saw it) had died. They were still working on the truck after 10pm when I drove by to go home.

This morning I read that the car was driven by an OSU student who was trying to pass someone in a no-passing lane and he hit the semi head-on, and he died at the scene. Poor kid.