Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

CSA Week 7

Can you tell I just unloaded my camera and iPhone tonight?

CSA Week 7

So this week we've got:
Romaine Lettuce
Purple Carrots
Sweet Onion
Zucchini/Summer Squash
Chioggia Beets

Yum. Just seeing all this stuff gave me back my cooking mojo, which was lost in the Great Hotness of the past few days. Even though it's warm in the house already, I decided to roast some onion and potatoes from the last couple of weeks to have for dinner.

There, I have gallantly saved your friends' list from three big pictures in a row. Aren't you grateful?

CSA Week 7 Detail
There are some purple carrots. They taste like regular carrots, but they're prettier. I wonder if I ought to cook them because I don't much like raw carrots.

We also got blueberries, which I keep taking handfuls of already. We used to have two big and one small (non-fruiting) blueberry bushes in the back yard. My sister Haley and I spent a summer pretending we were birds, eating all the blueberries right off the bushes, trying to avoid the little spiders that also lived in there. (I don't think we ever ate one, but eww - to bite down on something round in your mouth, expecting the pop of a blueberry but getting the pop of a spider? Gross.) The following year, the real birds got most of the blueberries before we could.

CSA Lettuce
There was also a gigantic head of lettuce in our box. I jumped in there for scale.

In other news, my keys are still missing. And the apartment manager isn't around so I can't ask for a replacement mail key. I hope the yarn that's coming to me hasn't come already.

OOH! I just got a phone call from the apartment manager - someone found them this evening and put them on her patio table! So I ran and got them. YAY! I am a lucky lucky girl.
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