Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday was eventful. I went to Salem to see my friend and her son, who's turning 1 in a week. He got to show off his new walking skills (he can do about three steps by himself, but went all over the house pushing his little car with the handle on the back, looking back at us to make sure we were seeing how cute he was), and I gave him his first First Birthday gift - a little outfit with shorts and a t-shirt and an over-shirt and a little brimmed hat. I only spent about two hours with them; I wish I'd had more time!

I also hung out with my aunt for a little while. We had lunch and I took some of her succulents to put in my trough thingy.

I brought dinner home and Cory and I kind of did our own things for a few hours before bed, and then as we lied there in bed talking about our days we decided to get back up and see what was going on at Da Vinci Days. I knew they were open until 11:15, and was probably just a band, but we wanted to see how many people were down there and see if we could enjoy the energy from all the festival-goers. It was kind of short-lived, though, because we decided to walk all the way around the park and we came up on a dead end - the fenced-off park met the fenced-off street that was under construction. We were complaining about how silly it was for them to make a dead-end like that when a security guard yelled "Excuse me, sir!" right as we were turning around anyway. I think he thought we were trying to jump the fence. Yeah right. We joked about him putting out an APB on us as we walked back to the car the long way. (That's our old neighborhood, and we thought it'd be nice to see some of our old neighbor's houses as well as our old apartment.) We were only out for about 45 minutes but it was nice (except for the yelling thing).

And now I'm sitting with a belly full of blueberry pancakes (fresh blueberries from my friend - she picked a huge bucketful somewhere and sent me away with a good-sized Ziploc full).
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