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CSA Week 8

CSA Week 8

Green leaf lettuce
Carrots (big ones!)
Moss parsley
Summer Squash
Green Beans

Yum. Again, I'm struck by how pretty veggies are, this time with the appearance of the ruffly cabbage we got. I'm excited to let the green beans squeak in my teeth - I already ate one as I was loading up the fridge. No tomato this week - they said they're between their early crop of Siletz and high summer crop of Big Beef. I wonder if the beef tomatoes taste different than the Siletz - getting them straight from the farm, I'll be able to tell (whereas the store-bought ones all taste the same: mushy and mealy).


Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:46 pm (UTC)
I got involved after having read about the local food "craze" I think. I thought it sounded like a great way to have fresh veggies that taste better and keep longer because they're local and organic, so I looked into what was nearby. Gathering Together Farms is just a couple of miles from where I work, and they have a pick-up spot within walking distance of my house, and they offered a smaller box (the bigger one can feed 3-4 people) for a little cheaper, which works much better for us, being as we are half of four people. :)

Do your friends buy from the same vendor every time? I would think they'd be able to chat with the farmer and see if they'd be willing to work with them to set one up.