Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Random Thoughts!

It's already been over half an hour since I started writing. I'm slow.

The heating in this house is awful. I had a space heater on all night. For the past three nights I'd been hardly able to get up because it was so cold. That's probably partly because of my big window and partly because I live on the corner of the house so two of the four walls are outside walls. But the space heater really helps.

I need to clean my room. I need to get a new bed. I need to decorate for Christmas. The Queen Ann Victorian Mansion needs to turn on its Christmas lights. I like Christmas. I want Cory to come to my family's Christmas festivities. Tell his brother to come up here for Christmas.

Did I mention I got flowers yesterday? I was so busy I hardly had time to write anything down... they're purple... and green leaves everywhere... a huge vase, which will come in handy in springtime... my coworkers are jealous. Everyone likes Cory. That makes me happy. Quite. (Although, I guess I'm happy as a rule now... it's weird how much other people affect one's life... they can make one's day or ruin it... I think my day is made for the rest of my life. :)
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