Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm not afraid of you!

Last night just after 1am there were hooligans outside. I awoke suddenly to hear teenage boys laughing and talking really loudly as they were walking up the street towards our apartment. Then one of them rang the neighbor's doorbell a couple of times and then they all ran off laughing. I lied there awake for a few minutes because I was kind of worried they were going to steal something off our patio or something like that, and soon I heard them again. They were a little further away this time, and then BANG! A huge firecracker went off down the street. Again, the boys ran away, giggling. That sat me straight up in bed and woke Cory up, and I went over to the window but they were gone. So I went back to bed and started thinking about what I should do.

I thought should I call the cops? No, they probably wouldn't find them, and besides, all they did was light a firecracker and ring a doorbell. But what if they try to come to my door or on my patio? I wish I had a water gun, I could spray it from inside the window through the screen onto them, and it might scare them away...

And then I fell asleep as I was thinking about it, and in my dream I was at my window (which morphed into being on a deck) in a nightgown and a bad guy was there, dressed all in black. I squirted him and he ran away, but he soon came back. I said "I'm not afraid of you!" so he started advancing toward me, so I said "ack, yes I am!" so he left; and as he left I said "no I'm not!"

So that's my exciting hooligan story. And nobody stole anything off our porch, by the way.
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