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CSA, Week 10

CSA Week 10

This week we've got:
Green Beans

And I bought a 1/3 flat of raspberries at Fred Meyer too, that according to the box were grown in Fife, WA (which is local enough for me as far as raspberries are concerned). And promptly ate an entire pint by myself. It might have been a bad idea for my currently-too-full tummy, but man was it good goin' down! :D

CSA Week 10, Detail

So pretty. The eggplant are banana-shaped. I'm not sure what to do with them that will ensure that Cory tries them. He doesn't like them. He also doesn't like beets, which is too bad. I wonder if I can "can" them without a jar. Can one Tupperware a beet? Hmm.

Also, if you have any fennel recipes that are delish and also downplay the licorice flavor, let me know. Cory doesn't like licorice and therefore doesn't like fennel, unless it's hiding somewhere. Last time I cooked with some I made a veggie stew. Maybe I'll have to do that again this time.


Aug. 6th, 2008 11:44 am (UTC)
Two things
1. How much was/is your membership with the CSA? You get a delivery every week, which is A LOT OF VEGETABLES OMG.

2. Ha, I know Fife very well. It is home to a lot of casinos, motels, car dealerships, prostitutes, and itinerant truckers. Also, farms. My high school was across the street from Terry's Berry Farm.
Aug. 6th, 2008 04:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Two things
1. We paid around $320, for a 3/4 box. It's supposed to feed 2-3, and then the full box feeds 4-5 I think. It's definitely worth it, because in the long run I believe it's cheaper than going through the produce section of the grocery store, and it's local and organic and there's enough of it to last us all week (and longer sometimes). And I'm kind of forced to try new things sometimes, and all that good stuff too.

It's a small world! I've never heard of Fife, but I've been through many a small Washington town that shares the same lovely attributes. :)