Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's a beautiful Sunday. I'm doing odds and ends today, crocheting some sleeves for a sweater and doing laundry and running the dishwasher and other random things; while the Olympics is on mute in the background (right now it's rowing). I should probably do some straightening up while I'm at it, and I wanted to vacuum out the car but every time I have a block of time to do it I don't feel like doing it. :)

Yesterday we didn't do much - we rode our bikes to Fred Meyer and got a muffin tin because I made up a batch of batter before I remembered I'd thrown out our old one because it got rusty. In the afternoon I got my hair trimmed and went to Old Navy for some shirts. My hair didn't look much different yesterday, but he really took a lot out of it. It feels lighter and cooler on my neck now.

I'm running out of laundry soap. It might be time to go to the co-op to look at their essential oils - Cory said that the towels don't smell clean when they come out of the dryer, and I think some essential oil might help. Cory has to come, though, to help me choose the scent, 'cause I don't know what he'd like. Lavender would be nice but I don't know if he'd like to smell that way all day. Oh, and groceries ought to be bought soon. I guess that's next on today's agenda.
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