Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

CSA Week 11

CSA Week 11

This week:
Rainbow Chard
Green Bell Pepper

I roasted my eggplant in the oven last week, and they turned out really nice, so I think I'll do it again, or make eggplant parmesan; since Cory doesn't like eggplant I might as well put some cheese on it, which he can't have anyway.

Today begins a 3-day heat wave. The National Weather Service has a heat warning up for 10am today to 10pm tomorrow, and it looks like both days should see at least 97 degrees. I got up early so that I could open up all the windows downstairs and let some of the cool air in before we have to lock up the house. We're usually OK with one hot day, but once we get two or three in a row the house starts to get rather hot as well.

This weekend is my class reunion. I'm not going though; I have a family reunion to go to on Saturday, which will be slightly boring because I won't know a whole lot of the second cousins that I know will be there. My aunt and I will ditch early and go to Ikea, though, so that'll be fun.

Yesterday at lunch I sent my sweater off to the Interweave Crochet headquarters so it can be photographed for the winter magazine. It turned out so good; I'm really pleased. My original vision was for a zipper, and I'm glad to have tried it, but it really just didn't work out. I still have another skein or two; I think I'm going to take the sweater apart if I can find all the ends; and rip out a few rows of the front and put in buttons and make the neckline a little higher. Maybe I'll bring it to the reunion.
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