Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday was so hot. So very very hot. The reunion was in the gym of a tiny school, and when people turned on the ceiling fans they accidentally turned the heater on too, and we didn't notice for half an hour because we figured it was just the weather. I reconnected with a couple of people that I hadn't seen since I was probably 7 or 8, and then met a bunch of other people that I'm related to.

My aunt and I left around 1:30 because we were just dying. We jumped in the car and picked up my uncle and drove him to the airport (he's going to Australia for a couple of weeks) and then spent a few hours in Ikea. I spent under $15 - it's amazing. I saw a lot of more expensive things that I liked though.

After Ikea, we had a quick dinner at Red Robin, and then drove back to Salem where we chatted at my aunt's house and had ice cream and I played with the dog.

I got home just before ten, and hung out with Cory for a little while. He was super hot, having languished in the hot house all day, but it cooled off relatively quickly, which was nice. Just before midnight we went up to bed, and when we were talking I thought I saw a car go by just as I shut my eyes but it was lightning. It was a pretty active storm - lightning flashed and flashed. Cory and I got up and turned off the porch light and stood out on the sidewalk watching it - it was mostly up above the low clouds but I saw forks twice. The thunder sounded muffled as well. We watched for a couple of minutes, and then went back up to bed. I'd fallen asleep for just a second when Cory woke me up again - it was POURING. It was so loud I thought it was hail but it was just rain. We put on our glasses again and watched through the window as the gutters on the street got all full of water.

I was awakened one more time when a huge clap of thunder jolted my eyes open and made my heart beat fast, but Cory didn't wake up.

When I was drowsing this morning in bed, I felt Trout come up to say hello, and I opened my eyes to say hello back and noticed she has a lot of eye goo again. It looks like her infection has come back - I'm rather upset about that! I don't want her to have to wear the collar again for a week, but I still have antibiotics so I'm thinking I ought to do it again. It'd be cheaper than taking her to the vet again...
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