Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


Yay, it's the beginning of my favorite time of year! I just heard what I thought was a big truck go by, and then I remembered the date and realized it was a school bus. Yay!

This weekend Cory and I went housesitting at my mom's. Her cat Spider is 18, so we went to make sure it didn't die, among other things. We left Corvallis around 10, stopped for a quick bite in Sisters, and then spent the afternoon washing the car inside and out. Boy, was that thing filthy.

On Sunday we had navigational issues but we ended up making it to the Old Mill District shops. It's like a big outdoor mall. We had lunch there and bought a couple of hydration packs for our half-marathon walk that's in three short weeks.

The rest of the time we sat around watching TV or listening to music and playing games or crocheting. It was quite peaceful.

We got home before lunchtime yesterday, and brought back colds as souvenirs. My cold is just a slightly annoyingly itchy/stuffy nose, but Cory's got the whole shebang.

And now it's another week of work. Don't forget to slow down in the school zones today - most people forget, after being able to go 30 past them all summer. :)
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