Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The Best Day

Trout had a really nice weekend. On Saturday we cleaned out the spare room. We went through old books and papers, and went to Goodwill with a trunkful (and half a backseatful) of donations. Trout sat underneath something and watched us as we slowly cleaned up the room... and then dirtied it up again with piles of Legos.

This picture was from Sunday. We had an assembly line going - Cory was putting together sets and photographing them (we're going to sell a bunch of them online as Christmas gets a little closer) and I was taking them apart and bagging and labeling them. Trout was loving having mama and daddy sitting on the floor with her, and she dozed while we worked.

Then we went downstairs after about three hours, and a few minutes later we had to back up because Trout hadn't noticed we'd left and started yowling, wondering where we'd gone. Heh.

Unrelated to Trout, I had chai and good conversation with a new friend from Ravelry on Sunday evening. We chatted for two hours, and seemed to hit it off really well. She lives in my apartment complex, so she's super close. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out more soon.
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