Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

50 Favorite Things

This Christmas my family is trying something new. Mom made a list of 50 questions and passed them out to everybody, and once we give them back she'll be compiling the lists and sending them back out to all of us so we can give each other gifts based on the answers to the questions. I figured I'd save mine here .

What's your favorite......:

1. Scent (or smell)
I like lemon verbena a lot. I also like some kind of woodsy smells that aren’t flowery but aren’t super musky. And bath products should not smell like food.

2. Color
I usually lean towards blues and greens, but I also like red and orange.

3. Color combination
Right now, I like red and orange together but it usually changes.

4. Flavor
I enjoy a varied palate. I don’t think there’s anything in particular that I adore over anything else.

5. Household Chore
That’s a silly question. I think I like vacuuming ‘cause I can see how much crap I’ve accumulated once I’m done. And I like putting warm clean sheets back on the bed because that usually happens right before I get in and smell the clean.

6. Way to relax

7. Place to visit
I just like going places – usually it depends on my mood. Lately I’ve wanted to go up in the snow in a cabin somewhere and be toasty warm in front of a fire for an evening.

8. Meal
Breakfast. Mmm.

9. Snack
At the moment, I like BBQ Kettle Chips. But I’m trying to wean myself off and have something slightly less bad for me, like trail mix. I like carob too.

10. Dessert
Ice cream, usually – cold and sweet and melty

11. Candy
Turkish Delight!

12. Thing to wear

13. Game to play

14. Sport to watch
Football, even though I don’t love it. And tennis sometimes too.

15. Word
Do I have to choose just one? Today it’s “gross”

16. Number
12. Or 8 or 3.

17. Animal
Lots of animals have attributes which I find attractive. Little birdies, deer, things Snow White talks to.

18. Song
Mushaboom, by Feist

19. Movie
Usually Pixar stuff, or musicals.

20. TV show
The Office!

21. Thing to collect
Little nature-y lodge-y rustic-y purdies

22. Season
Fall, by far. And then winter and then spring. Summer can go die.

23. Holiday
Halloween and Christmas

24. Comfort item
My memory foam pillow and a soft throw blankie

25. Wicked indulgence
Food, definitely.

26. Craft or hobby
Crochet! And a little crochet too.

27. Clothing accessory
I don’t know what this means – a belt? Or a jewel? I like bracelets…

28. Outdoor activity
Camping; being outside when it’s not too hot. Or drinking coffee under the awning when it’s rainy.

29. "natural" thing
Trees – I like the shape of them in art and craft stuff, I like bits and pieces of them (leaves and cones and twigs)

30. Beverage

31. Fruit
Raspberries. Yum.

32. Veggie

33. Childhood memory
Lots, but one is going to the beach with Mom for a week with no TV – just puzzles and crafts and being outside.

34. room in your house
The living room – it’s where I spend most of my waking hours, and it usually has my husband in it too.

35. place to shop
For clothes, Old Navy or Gap or Banana Republic. Also like REI and Borders and then little random hole-in-the-wall places that have interesting things that aren’t mass-produced (which goes against my preference for Gap, heh)

36. thing to think about when you have a free minute
Trip-planning, or baby-planning

Which do you prefer:

37. rural / urban / wilderness
38. amusement park / botanical garden / museum

39. concert / play / movie / sports event

40. creek / river / lake / ocean

41. wind / fire / water / earth

42. bath / shower / stink

43. beach / mountains / forest / desert

44. If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be?
In a little house with a lot of land around it, near a stream. Hopefully with fast internet too.

45. If you could have a lifetime supply of anything except money, what would it be?

46. If you could have an all expense paid trip to anywhere, where would it be?
I’d love to go to Europe somewhere, and travel all around without worrying about the language barrier, and see super super old stuff.

47. you could pick any profession, what would you pick?
A living history docent, like at Georgetown or someplace where you live like people would have generations ago. Preferably pioneer-time.

48. you could have elves do one of your household chores for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Dishes. Or just keeping the kitchen clean in general.

49. If you could only pick one thing to do before you die, what would it be?
It’s hard to pick just one – there are tons of things I’d like to do but nothing that screams “I HAVE to do this!!”

50. Any other "favorite" you can add that the rest of us should know about?
There might be a baby in our future - hopefully born in a year or so… :) (no, not pregnant yet but it’s never too soon to start nesting!) So I’ve been bookmarking sites for cloth diapers and non-electronic toys and carriers like Babyhawks and such.
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