Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Weekendy Goodness

I had a lot of good food and good company this weekend. It was quite nice.

On Saturday, Nicoal came down to visit. We had planned on hiking, but many factors ended up coming together to exclude hiking from our day. So instead we went to Albany. We had coffee at Boccherini's, where we met Erin and Anthony and Erin's mom so that I could get the face soap I'd ordered from Erin. (She is a salesperson for Daisy Blue Naturals, and I like their tea tree & lavender soap.) Then Nicoal and I continued on to the Heritage Mall, where we drank Orange Julius and scoped out boys shopped at Old Navy and Target and spent some time picking out some cute frames for Nicoal's new reading glasses. It was fun whispering "Sarah Paaaaalin" in her ear every time she looked at rimless ones. :D

Nicoal got the glasses techs working on her lenses and we came back to Corvallis, and then swung by my CSA farm, Gathering Together Farm. It's pretty close to Philomath, which is nice. They have a really nice building with a fountain outside, and tables on the covered porch and a little farm stand with a big kitchen. (They host lots of meals during the week and on Saturdays, all with local food.) I bought some Gravenstein apples to make applesauce with.

Nicoal went on her way and then Cory and I stayed up way too late playing computer games.

Right around lunchtime today Cory's friend Mike and his girlfriend Angie stopped by to eat with us. We went to McMenamins since almost all the smaller restaurants are closed on Sundays. We picked up coffee at Dutch Brothers (I only drank half of mine; it wasn't very good) and they left soon after, which gave us time to do some grocery shopping and for me to make my applesauce. I've also spent some time talking with Julie, one of the tech editors for Interweave Crochet mag, helping her out with some issues with my pattern for the winter issue. It's slightly less painful this time around than with my first pattern, but I always feel bad that my pattern's not perfect as-is. Oh well - I'm assuming almost nobody's is.

The day is waning, and tomorrow is work again. I can feel fall in the air, and the leaves are even starting to turn. And so commences my favorite time of year!
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