Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Dream Dump

First, I was a jailor or something, but the jail looked like a big classroom with a little bed in it. I don't remember what the guy did wrong, but he was in jail for a year. He acted up sometimes, but I'd grab him by the wrist and fling him around kinda like you do to your little sister or brother. At the end of the year, he was a good guy, and I helped him gather up all of his things, and I hugged him and was really sad to see him go.

Next, I was with Michael Scott (from The Office) and there was something going on that had to do with recording devices being put in audio tapes. At the end of that dream I was walking down the street in the dark and passed by a house that was three stories tall, and the front was all milky opaque glass but behind the glass were big light-up pendulums. Their next-door neighbor was having a party with really loud music.

Then I was lying in a driveway across the street and down a little bit from the pendulum house with eris_devotee and skamamawa, sunbathing, and a topless woman walked by. Josi went up to ask her something about her chest, and suddenly I was in a little flashback vignette about an old lady that we all knew. She was in Nazi Germany with her young daughter, and they were walking together going somewhere that the Nazis wanted them to go, and her daughter had a little monkey on a leash. The monkey broke free and ran off, and the daughter was so distraught that she tore the buttons off the lady's dress and exposed her. I got the feeling that people who didn't know her made fun of her, calling her the Topless Lady or something, but once I knew why she was called that I really respected her and thought she was amazing. When the flashback was over, I was in a little tiny apartment and I found out that the lady died or was dying, and I cried and cried.
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