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Long Winter

It's hot out, and muggy. It was nice and sunny this morning and then an hour or two ago a layer of high clouds crept in. But it's still hot.

The sawmill isn't running this week, so the supervisor was outside weed-whacking around the old log pond. He cut down a bunch of blackberries and cattails and queen anne's lace and teasels, so I risked life and limb (well, just a finger prick or two) to gather up a couple dozen teasels for my office.

While I was outside, I spotted a
Woolly Bear Caterpillar making his way over the gravel in the parking lot. I picked him up, and after a brief introduction (a.k.a. he pooped on me) we made friends (a.k.a. he climbed all over my hands and up my arm and such). My coworker looked at its long brown stripe and said "uh oh, looks like we're in for a long winter!" So there you have it, it's going to be a long winter. :)