Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


Tonight we have Play-Doh for the trick-or-treaters. We did it last year as well, and we had enough to carry it over until this year.

So far (it's 6:30), nobody has been to the door. And when I went out to light the jacks, they were already moldy! Sheesh. I'll keep this open and record who comes.

6:47 - Two boys sorta dressed up, probably about 10 years old. One of them had a batman mask on. Batman grabbed a Play-Doh really quickly, but the other took awhile to decide what color he wanted.

7:07 - An older boy in a scream mask with a scythe. His dad was standing right next to him.

7:08 - A superhero and a princess, probably around 5. They were too shy to say trick or treat but they both grabbed Play-Doh excitedly and leapt back down the front walk (well, the superhero anyway) and yelled thank you.

7:12 - Five kids - a football player and... four other people dressed in dark clothes, heh. They were excited to get Play-Doh.

7:12:30 - The sixth (I think they were all siblings or cousins) in the group, a witch with googly antennae. When she saw what was in the bowl she yelled "awesome!" and grabbed one and ran off to join the other five. They were yelling to their parent "she gave us Play-Doh!"

7:23 - A cute family - mom, dad (holding a pumpkin baby), three older kids and two younger kids. I counted my Play-Doh - only 7 left! Cory was at Fred's getting some cider so I asked him to grab a bag of candy. He said there wasn't much left - mostly Tootsie Rolls - but he found some Snickers and 3 Musketeers.

7:26 - Two girls, who yelled TRICK OR TREAT! when I opened the door. Their mom laughed from the sidewalk.

7:37 - Three teenaged girls and one guy who had a super deep voice and big hairy hands. I told them they were very tall. Cory had just gotten back with the candy so I offered them some. At least they thanked me. :D

7:38 - I'd just sat down when a princess knocked on the door. She was cute.

7:59 - A little Grim Reaper. He chose a white Doh. 3 Dohs left!

8:13 - Older brother, younger sister. Now I have one (yellow) Doh left.

8:40 - Shutting it down for the night. I haven't heard a peep outside. Happy Halloween!
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