Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's been a relatively quiet weekend, though I've kept myself busy. Yesterday I went up to Salem and bought some unmentionables from Victoria's Secret, and then had lunch with my grandma and aunt and uncle and chatted with them for a bit. Today is full of grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning. So very exciting.

I also got the invitations out for Cory's graduation party, which is happening in the middle of December, right after finals are over. Now that that's done, I need to start thinking about the food I'm going to have to make/prepare. If everybody says yes, we'll have around 30 people here throughout the day. (Yikes - we're not going to be able to fit that many in here! Hopefully they spread themselves out in arrival times!)

So: what are your favorite snacky/desserty items to provide your guests at a party? Bonus points if they're veg*n, especially if they're milk-free (or can be adapted for almond milk) so that the belle of the ball can eat too.
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