Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's downright summery outside right now - 63 degrees. We have all the windows open.

This weekend is not quite 3/4 over but here's a recap!

On Wednesday night I came home from work and packed a few things up, and then grabbed Cory and we went up to Portland. I made eggnog and put half the booze in it that they asked for which was plenty.

Thursday morning was pretty lazy. I didn't even get my hair dry until 11, but when it was dry I went and got Haley. We hung out for awhile, and then Dad went and got Grandma from the airport, and then we had our feast. The turkey wasn't done when we thought it was so we had to microwave a bit of it and put the rest back in the oven. But that's OK, it still tasted good. I ate until I was uncomfortably full. Then awhile later I had a little glass of my eggnog and it was so rich that it gave me a bit of a tummyache. Ow.

We sat around and digested and then Haley went home, and just afterwards Cory did too. Then Grandma and I sat and talked until 11:30 and it was bedtime.

Yesterday was another laze-about day, until around 2:30 when Dad and I went outside and put Christmas lights up on his house. It took us two and a half hours because of a few little problems like half of a few strings not lighting up, and the outlet's reset button was stuck because of some oil/stain from the new exterior of his house that got on it. But when we were finished it looked nice.

Then I got in touch with Nicoal, who had made dinner plans with Ravi, so I crashed their party and the three of us went to Arabian Breeze. Yummy as always, with good conversations as always. Mmm.

Ravi was nice enough to take me to the train station afterwards, and while we sat in the terminal waiting for the train to come he played with my iPhone and made a couple of posts for you.

And then I got on the train and a lady popped her head over the seat a minute after I got out my Tunisian crocheting to ask me what I was knitting. We chatted for a sec about Ravelry and the socks she was knitting; and I broke out the phone to add her as a friend, and she ended up abandoning her husband to come sit with me and we yarned and talked the whole way down to Albany. It was nice!

When I disembarked in Albany, Cory hadn't managed to leave home yet so I put on my gloves and hat and shivered on a bench for half an hour until he came with the warm car.

Today I straightened up and brought out the Christmas decorations, which I'll put up tomorrow. I think I'll try to convince Cory to get a tree with me tomorrow so that I don't have to worry about it next weekend when I need to get ready for Cory's graduation party (yay!!!!).

And now we're biting our fingernails while watching the Civil War football game. It's not looking that hot right now, though we're still in the first half.
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