Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


We had a graduation party for Cory yesterday. It was an open house, so people showed up here and there, and slightly overlapped each other, but I think overall it turned out nicely.

First solteronita and rini showed up, and left shortly after two aunts, two uncles, two cousins and Grandma got here. My aunt and uncle and cousins all sat on the couch, and after a couple of minutes I heard a little crack and the couch broke. It's in the front where the arm and the front of the couch are connected. We grabbed a brick from outside and put it underneath the broken side and everybody vacated the couch just in case. Two of Cory's old coworkers also came by for a little while, and so did Mike and Angie.

Then all of my family but an aunt and uncle left, and Ulises came in (his wife and baby were in the car taking a nap) and then the rest of my family and Mike/Angie left and Erin came in with Anthony and we spent a while with them. And then we were alone by 5.

I had a good time, and was glad to see everybody. I do wish some of them could have stayed a little longer, and I wish the weather and people's health and a few other things had been cleared up so that more people could have made it, but such is life.

So last night while we watched Holiday Inn I found a few couches I liked, and after talking to Cory we narrowed it down to this one. My aunt is a member of Overstock so I can get around a $75 discount on it, which is nice.
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