Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Mom Update

I just called Mom.
So yesterday morning when she went out for her walk, it was 37 degrees so she wasn't too worried about ice but she spotted a little bit of ice on her own driveway so she decided to walk in the gravel on the side of the road. That went fine until she started walking across another neighbor's driveway, which was slanted, and fell so fast and so hard on her left shoulder and hip that she didn't have time to try to catch herself.

She was at the doctor most of the day. They gave her a sling, which she's wearing, but every little movement is excruciating and when she moves it it feels crunchy. The doctor hasn't called her with her surgery time, but they're hoping to get her in this week. It took her fifteen minutes to get into bed last night and she was still in bed when I talked to her even though she had to pee.

She broke her arm right up at the base of the ball of her shoulder. And she's not sure she didn't break her hip, either; though there's not much anyone can do about that. (I joked to my aunt about a butt sling, heh) The chemo from her breast cancer treatment, as well as the thyroid pills she's been taking, has made her bones kind of brittle.

So hopefully soon we'll hear about surgery, unless she changes her mind and decides to just use her arm as a sling a la David & Goliath.
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