Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Another quiet Monday morning. It's actually even quieter for me today because my coworker had to run to another mill for the morning. I spent ten or fifteen minutes in the truck shop feeding the feral kitties (there are three: an orange one, a black one, and a calico one) and trying to see if they'd eat around me since I'm a stranger. Turns out only the calico (who is the most skittish) was nearby to hear me shake the coffee can of cat food, so I stood motionless for awhile as it tried to decide if eating was more important than staying away from me. (I was around 10 or 15 feet from the food.) In the end it came up and would take one kibble, chew it, and look up at me nervously; then take another kibble and chew it and look up at me nervously. I finally got tired of standing still so I left. I may go back later on and see if the other two are there and if they got to eat any of the food I left out.

This weekend a friend of my dad's came by for lunch, with his two sons. We walked to the Mexican place by my house. If you ever come to Corvallis, don't go to that Mexican place. The service was slow and they filled the older son's burrito with cheese and sour cream after he specifically asked them not to (milk allergy). They did give us that meal for free, which was nice, but I still wouldn't recommend them.

On Sunday I had coffee with my neighbor and we knitted and crocheted and spun and chatted. It was nice. I like having someone super close so that we can just walk to the coffee shop rather than having to drive an hour to see them. We decided we're going to try to do an LYS hop in Portland - I found a Google Map of all the local yarn shops and we're going to try to hit most of them I think. Since most of my fiber friends are people I know exclusively online, it's great to be able to hang out with someone who not only doesn't look at me funny when I fondle cashmere or something, but will fondle it too. Heh.

On another note, things at home are extremely nice lately. True, Cory hasn't found a job and mine is still in jeopardy, which creates a little bit of stress; but it's cake compared to the stress of studying for tests and getting projects put together. We've been able to have a lot of undistracted spouse time, and I'm loving it. (And having dinner ready when I get home isn't so bad either!)
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