Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm sure glad I have family in central Oregon, because driving all that way to talk to a guy for 45 minutes about how he doesn't have a job for me is kind of a waste. I mean, I pretty much knew that there wasn't any more room for me there but still. He could have just told me over the phone to look for jobs at the hospitals and school districts or in Portland. Heh.

I spent the rest of my weekend hanging out with Mom, helping her when she needed it (mostly things like refilling her ice pack and unscrewing jars) and watching a bunch of movies. We watched Marie Antoinette, which was very odd but kind of fun, even if I didn't know who any of the characters were and kept mixing them up.

On my way home, I missed the turnoff to highway 20 and got stuck on 22, which runs northwest to Salem, which added a bit of time to my journey but it was much warmer in the valley than in the high desert (which was 25 degrees, coated in rime and foggy all weekend) so I opened the back window and smelled the smells as I drove along Detroit Lake and the river westward.

Then yesterday Mom called to tell me that her husband's (Dennis') son Darren (who I'd only met once or twice) died in his bed on Sunday. They weren't sure how he died, and Dennis told his mom it was a heart attack (as that was one of the things they thought might have happened, as he had a family history of it). But today they found that it was a suicide. He'd threatened it before, and had had a history of drug problems (he'd spent a bit of time in jail for selling pot, too) and had a failed marriage and was always asking Dennis for money, even at 39 years old.

Dennis is a mess, Mom said, grieving and feeling guilty for not being able to stop it from happening. I feel so horrible for him - it's got to be beyond tragic to lose a child; that's not the way it's supposed to work. They're still maintaining the heart attack story for Dennis' mom, who is in the early stages of dementia.

In ever so slightly happier news, I'm going to have lunch with some of my ex coworkers tomorrow. It's only been two days but it's already lonely - I had fewer than 10 phone calls today, and nobody stopped in. I almost met a couple of men, though: they drove their van over to the far side of the plant site, took something shiny with a handle (some kind of box I think) out of the van and hopped the fence and went out into the field beyond our property. I got Cory on the phone for "backup" and started over there, but once I got sort of close the men came back (without the shiny box) so I modified my walk and turned to go into the planer instead. They left pretty quickly. But I need to find out what to do about people like that in the future, since it's kind of hard for little old me to go yell at men in vans.
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