Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Apparently I have a habit of writing mostly on Mondays. Heh.

Let's work forwards from Friday.

Around 10am on Friday an icky icky headache came upon me. I took some sinus medicine from the first aid box in the office, thinking perhaps it was just the last of my cold, but it did nothing. I got nauseous and started putting my head down on the desk or leaning back in my chair; and then I started walking around the building trying to find a place to sleep on the floor. I picked out a spot in the copy machine room but of course it was drafty and cold and uncomfortable there so I got back up and emailed our sister company to let them know I was going to take a "short power-nap to try to get rid of this headache." That was around 11. I went home and straight up to bed; Cory woke me up once to feed me a little bit of lunch, and then woke me up at 3:30 because he was starting to worry about me sleeping so long. But the headache was gone! That was un-fun though. Ouchies.

Friday night I had my last rehearsal for choir. I felt better because my cold was just about gone (and I'd had that 4-hour nap) and I was comfortable with the music so I had fun. After rehearsal I had a craving for pancakes so we ran over to Elmer's but they'd just closed; and Shari's is the only other open-late diner in town and besides always being packed on weekend nights the food is icky so we went to Fred's instead and bought some pancake mix, and then went home to bed.

In the morning I used the pancake mix (oatmeal-buttermilk - yum) and got ready for my day in Portland. My neighbor-friend Lisa came over and we hopped in the car and drove northward, and got to solteronita's house just after 9:30. The clouds had given way to blue sky so we decided to walk from Nicoal's place to our first stop, which was Yarnia. I'd checked two or three of our target yarn shops' websites and they'd all said they open at 10, so we were a little surprised when we got there at 10:15 and it wasn't open until 11. Grr! So we walked all the way back to the car and drove down to Yarn Garden and poked around. I found some alpaca in grey for Cory's socks, and took a skein of the green alpaca as well because it told me it wanted to come home with me. I also found a Sweater Stone which I'd filed away in the back of my head to buy someday. My companions were not as excited to part with their money, even though Nicoal at least had a project in mind. So I was the only one to come away with merchandise (and a fuzzy shirt from carrying them).

Then we made our way back to Yarnia, towards 11:30. And what a fun store that is! I can visualize one spending a couple of hours in there, walking back and forth between the shelves, tring to find the perfect combination of color and fiber. Yarnia is a teensy little shop at "garden level" (meaning you have to go down a couple of steps from the street to get there) with several shelves of bamboo, wool, cotton, acrylic, cashmere, silk, and other yarns of all different colors; and a big machine in the corner that puts your blend together. You go through and pick out a few cones and she threads them into the machine and you come out with a cone of something - it's neat. And almost never quite exactly how you think it's going to look. My particular cone still needs to grow on me, though I think if I crochet a swatch that might make it happen faster.

After Yarnia we met rini at The Tao of Tea for lunch. They have an extensive tea menu that is rather overwhelming but everything is yum. And their food is good too. We ate and drank and chatted, and then once we were getting short on time we parted ways. Lisa and I still had 6 yarn shops to go, but since she'd gotten the yarn she wanted at Yarnia and we weren't really in the market for more, we decided to make a pit stop at Cost Plus in Clackamas on the way home. We roamed through the store and found a few things (I got a stack of Turkish Delights and found Cory the 4-cup french press he was wanting) and then started back down south. I feel like it didn't last nearly long enough; we had to leave pretty quickly so I could get back home to get ready for the choir concert.

Back in Corvallis, I put on makeup and changed into my black "uniform" and Cory took me to the church where we were going to perform. There was a contra-dance going on in the gym that night too, so the parking lot ended up being packed and I'm surprised there were as many people there as there were. We sang, a couple of soloists had to make up some words a little bit, but overall it was fun and the audience liked it. I was tuckered out by the end of the night, so it was nice to get back home and crash.

Yesterday we slept in and puttered around the house, and then went to see Coraline. I'd been looking forward to seeing it since I first saw the little boxes that the production company had distributed to bloggers around the internet. It was very cute - dark in that nice Neil Gaiman way, and I'm looking forward to reading the book someday. I like experiencing new fairy tales.

And now it is Monday again. This morning when I was opening the gate I heard a noise and looked up and there was the yellow kitty, yowling at me to come and feed them. I think now that there's no garbage to eat out there, and probably not a ton of mice and pigeons and all that, the poor kitties are hungry. So I unlocked the gate and drove straight back to the truck shop and fed them as they swarmed around me. I was able to pet the black one for the first time this morning, too.

And now I am off to play with logs and spreadsheets. Woohoo.
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