Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Why is my sister the way she is? I called her and asked if she'd come over tonight. She said she wanted to come over this weekend. I'm going to Cory's this weekend. She tried to lay a guilt trip on me, asking why I'd rather hang out with my boyfriend than my sister. (Well hmm, I wonder...) But even though she has nothing to do tonight, she doesn't want to come over, even after I offered to take the stupid MAX all the way over the river (half an hour trip at least) to pick her up, pay her MAX fare, and stay up late even though I have to be up at quarter to seven in the morning. She had no reason, she just didn't feel like it. Whatever. I'm tired of her doing things like that.

I'm also tired of Nan. I try to be nice to her... last Friday I said "Merry Christmas!" as she was leaving and she ignored me. On Wednesday morning, I said "Good morning!" and she ignored me. I've had to work on the mailroom computer for a day and a half, updating phone lists, and the receptionists told me that she went down and complained to them about me piddling around on the computer while she was run off her feet. (Phyllis asked her why she didn't ask me to help [I always offer to help and she says no] and she said "it's a one person job." She also told Nan that I was updating lists for the receptionists.) Then a little later, one of my supervisors walked by and told me that she had stuff to do for me if I'd go up and see her. I wonder if Nan told her that I wasn't doing anything. I had even decided yesterday that I wasn't going to say anything to her or try to tell a supervisor because I didn't want a big row. But if she's trying to give me a bad reputation, I can't let that happen!

I'm tired of coming home at night and being in a bad mood. It doesn't help when the person I work with and the person I talk to on the phone are both stupid and annoying....

Cory, where are you? I emailed you... I figured you'd be at work... you aren't going to call me, you said, but I haven't been able to talk to you much today at all...
Tags: columbia, haley
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