Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's a beautiful day today, now that the fog has burnt off. A bit of wispy white up there, and then blue-blue-blue. Dad called a bit ago and I went outside to talk to him, and the feral kitties spotted me and followed me back and forth, and then eventually to the porch where they lounged in the sun and batted at things. And then I realized it was lunchtime so I brought out my chicken marinara and shared it with them. I'm inside now but they're making circuits to each of the places I threw a bit of chicken, hoping there was some I missed.

Tomorrow I am visiting my friend's school to talk about crochet and how I got into it and what it's like to design. I get to try to convince some 6th graders that math is actually kind of fun when you can use it for something practical. I whipped up a quick brimmed beanie thing and jotted down a pattern, trying to be no more difficult than switching colors and doing single crochets. And it's in the round, which might be confusing for them. Or, really, it will be confusing to them; they read about knitting and crocheting with their teacher but have yet to try it out with actual hooks and needles and yarn. So I'll spend some of the hour helping them with that as well. I'm looking forward to it; should be fun.

Goodness, this day makes me wish it was time to bring out my rocking chair and sit on the patio.
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