Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We had the oddest encounter earlier, my friend Lisa and I.

Through email we decided to go to happy hour (around 4pm) at Downward Dog on the waterfront. Actually, we decided to go have a drink and an appetizer and it just happened to be happy hour. So we had a nice glass of cab/merlot and shared a cheese plate.

Then we moved to the Crowbar and had a mixed drink each (I had their version of the mojito - yum, mint leaves). And then walked around a little bit for fun. Most everything was closed, as it was just after 6, so we walked back to the car through an empty parking lot.

In the parking lot was a middle-aged lady, who was walking really erratically - couldn't even get close to a straight line. She'd go a few yards one way, and then swerve a few yards another way, just zigzagging all over the place. We walked by her, and I could see her starting to curve around behind us, and suddenly Lisa turned around and the lady was grabbing for Lisa's wrists and both of them almost ended up on the ground. We asked her if she was going to be OK and if we could take her to a bench to sit down for a minute, but she insisted she was just going to walk. I asked her if she was going to drive and she said no. She looked at me for a long few seconds and tears kind of welled up a little, and she thanked us both several times, saying things like "stars in your crown!" and then after steadying herself with my coat sleeve a moment she let go of us and walked away.

We watched her weave her way across the street and out of sight, and then continued to the car. Just past Downward Dog, we saw another lady poke her head out the door and look around, grimace, and go back in. We think maybe she was looking for the drunk lady but couldn't be sure. Then when we got into the car we drove the way she went to see if we could find her but couldn't.

Poor lady. She was obviously unhappy - hope she's OK.
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