Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

On my way home from work today I almost got rear-ended.

I stopped at a red light, about five cars back, and left a little space for a van to come out of a driveway to my right and turn left. I motioned for him to wait for a sec because there was oncoming traffic, and then I heard tires squealing and I looked in my mirror and a pickup truck towing a camper was coming up quickly. At the last second he swerved into a bush on the side of the road, just missed me by a foot, and when he hit the bush the nose of the truck was at the same level as me. So that would have been a hard hit if he hadn't moved over. I think it was probably a combination of wet road and heavy weight. And not-paying-attention on his part. It wasn't like I stopped quickly, I was a ways ahead of him when I stopped. Anyway, I decided not to wait for the van and moved out of the way before the truck had completely stopped. Sorry, van.
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