Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


I'm looking at individual insurance policies. It's great fun, let me tell ya. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it. Here are the main points:

* Will I be able to afford to keep up payments if I lose my job before Cory gets one? (That's hard to say; I don't know how much unemployment I'll be getting. We have some money saved up, but we'd also have to deal with rent and all that other stuff coming out of savings.)
* Should I choose the cheaper catastrophic plan (in which around 60% of the bill is paid by insurance)? Or should I spend more money per month and go for something that will pay 100% after a copay? (We don't go to the doc very often but we both need our eyes and teeth checked. So I guess that answers that one, really - the cheaper one is better for us.)
* If I have complications during pregnancy and birth, will the insurance cover me only if I get pregnant after I've enrolled? (I'd think probably; I just don't know what the wait is, or if a hospital transfer during labor is counted as an emergency room visit or a maternity stay. I'd have to call the company...)

I'm thinking it might be doable. Hmm.
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