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Went to Portland yesterday for India Day! solteronita and rini and I were chatting several months ago, thinking about the dreary days in February when the weather is icky and so are our moods, and decided to plan something colorful and yummy and musical to combat it. February ended up turning into April, which is fine too, I like hanging with my girlies whenever it is!

I was also going to make a worm bin with some of Nicoal's extra worms, so I threw my tupperware containers in the car and started northward in the morning. Nicoal pulled apart her bin (her worms' names are Tina) and threw handfuls of worms into their new apartment, and I named them Keith.

When Erin got there, we all walked down to the bus stop and took the bus to Saturday Market, where we got henna tattoos from a woman in a full-length burqa.

Nicoal couldn't decide what she wanted, so she didn't get one.


Next we bussed to an Indian restaurant on Burnside, in the upstairs area of an old house. I wasn't very impressed; Nicoal found a long hair in her food and there were ants. But the food was OK. Then we walked back to our cars at Nicoal's house and drove to Erin's house, where we watched Raincoat, a Bollywood movie that Nicoal picked up from the library. We kept waiting for the dancing and music, but it ended up to be an adaptation of an O. Henry story and it was sad and artsy and full of metaphor. So that was a bust. It was a pretty good movie; just not what we were expecting.

After a bit more chatting, I took Nicoal home and hopped over to Dad's house, where I imposed upon him and made him feed me dinner. :) We watched YouTube vids too. It very quickly became 8:30 and so I started for home.

Today, my mehndi looks like this:

Henna, Day 2
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