Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Meet Linus!


This is our Linus! He peed twice on the blanket we put down in the back seat and whined quite a bit on the way home. Once he was in the house he calmed down quite a bit.

Trout and Linus

He spent some time in the kitchen at first, peeing a couple of times (yay for linoleum) and being oblivious to Trout, who started warily to come close to him. When he noticed her, they touched noses and then he backed up and sat for a couple of minutes, stock still. Heh. Since then, she's watched him from above (like on the windowsill) and every time he notices her he barks and whines at her.

Found a corner

He decided he likes the corner between the couch and the chair, under the end table, to sleep. I locked him in his kennel for a few minutes and he was pretty unhappy but I read you're not supposed to let them out when they whine, but wait until they've calmed down. He didn't really calm down, but the moment he stopped to take stock of his situation was a long enough moment so I let him out. We may move his kennel to the spot he's in now, but we shall see. I think he just needs to get used to the kennel. I suppose it's hard enough to go from having mom and dad and 12 brothers and sisters and goats and turkeys and feral kitties and a steer, to two humans and a cat. Who don't smell familiar. Tonight should be rather tiring, I expect. :)
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