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Raw Food Week, Day 3

Down another 2 pounds this morning!

Breakfast: half a grapefruit.
Snacks: some local trail mix, a (non-raw) Odwalla protein juice, and more dates
Lunch: Leftover spinach dip, with cucumber and carrots and celery

Sesame Noodles

Sesame Noodles!

This was pretty good!
- The sauce was a little thin, which would have worked pretty well with noodles but with zucchini (which sweats a bit), it ended up collecting at the bottom of the bowl. Cory commented that it tasted restaurant-quality - the flavors were really well balanced.
- I need a mandolin if I'm going to be doing this on a regular basis. I had to use my cheese slicer and then cut each slice into noodles. It took eight years.

Lunch was also really good - I shared it with a couple of people at work. I think it was better after having sat overnight. Yum. I may freeze it and take it to Nicoal's this weekend - I'm not sure how it will freeze but we'll see.

The tummy was definitely smaller this morning. Wouldn't it be great if it was this easy to lose all the weight I need to lose? :)

I had a cappuccino this morning (it's what I always get at Starbucks) and it wasn't very good. I had mixed feelings about it; I was sad that it didn't make me as happy as it usually does, but I was happy to know that it's an easy habit to kick. (It could be because I didn't ask for it nonfat - the milk tasted really strong though, it was weird.)

I can totally do this for longer than a week. I wonder how Cory would feel about that.


Feb. 4th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
All of the above, really - I wanted to see how "hard" it really was and also as kind of a reboot of my eating habits. It really is yummier and more filling than I thought it'd be!