Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Raw Food Day 7

Today was kind of a mixed bag as far as emotions. It was wonderful to hang out with Nicoal and just talk about food and be all excited about it together! And then I said goodbye and went down to Salem and had lunch with Erin and her family. They eat a lot of meat and cheese and not a lot of veggies, so I felt lucky that I was there on a day that they had taco salad. They each had a really yummy-looking plate of chips and ground beef and all the taco-y trimmings (including lettuce), but I wasn't that tempted, even though the smell of the beef cooking was nice. I had salad with tomato and onion and one black olive. And I shared my dried mango and hibiscus flower and raw nuts with her older son, who enjoyed them.

Dinner was a quick little photo-less salad, because we have an empty fridge again. But this evening I made up a raw shopping list and will go brave the grocery store tomorrow.

I ran into a tiny bit of trouble while looking for recipes. I had a hard time finding anything that sounded good to Cory and didn't involve 8 hours of dehydrating. I really want to find a good falafel recipe so I can approximate the best part of last night's dinner. But I found some good recipes and am excited to continue!

Week two of raw food, here I come!
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