Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We went back to Camp Adair this evening. I needed a very high-energy dog to get tired without chasing a ball through a muddy field, and it would make for a good level spot for Cory to run at the same time. (You can walk along the old camp streets; they're concrete but all cracked and with moss and grass growing here and there.)

So we all set off at the same time, and after a warm-up Cory started running and left Linus and me in the dust. We walked half a mile or so through the rain, me fighting with the umbrella in the wind and Linus smelling the grass and moss at the edges of the street. When Cory was just a tiny, barely-seen speck, Linus suddenly ran off after him, leaving me all alone in the twilight.

For the next ten or fifteen minutes I walked alone, hoping Linus made it to Cory, that he didn't get lost on the way. Then since I had some time, I started getting more and more worried and playing fun scenarios in my head and how I'd deal with them. Cory fell down somewhere and I'd have to call the police and have them come out with flashlights. Linus got lost and would have to spend the night out in the rain and the cold because he couldn't hear us calling for him. They both got kidnapped and I never told them I loved them before they went running off.

When I reached the halfway time (we were each doing 15 minutes out and back) I started back towards the car. I turned around every 30 seconds or so, focusing my eyes on the spot where they had disappeared in the distance and seeing nothing.

And then I saw a tiny black speck. For a moment I was concerned because Cory was wearing a bright blue jacket and it would have been easy to spot him.

And then the speck got a little bigger.

And a little bigger.

I decided Cory had taken off his jacket and tied it 'round his waist. So there he was, that was a weight off my shoulders. But I didn't see a little orangey-brown speck with him. Admittedly, it is difficult to see a dog in the distance when it is getting dark and the dog is the same color as some of the vegetation.

And then the speck got bigger and with it was a tiny orangey-brown speck. A speck which, upon seeing my green-jacketed speck, came barreling towards me and became a giant happy wet Linus.

And then Cory caught up with me and we all went home.

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