Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Last night as I was tossing and turning, I awoke fully and looked at the clock - 2:something. I remember being glad that I had several hours before I had to be awake.

Then weirdness happened.

First I went to Enchanted Forest with some of my family - I think my mom and sister and cousins and aunts and uncles were there. We went through an attraction which cost me $22 for three of us. Then we went to a bar and preceded to take all the glasses and throw them against things and break them. In the process, Cory appeared and my family disappeared. Also, we hurt/killed two guys and my front teeth got broken so I had little pointy stubs. We stuffed the two guys in the back of the Range Rover and tried to drive away (in the middle of a huge group of cops just standing around chatting) and the truck became a tricycle of sorts, which stopped working after awhile, so Cory (who was now my sister) and I had to run. We kept running in circles, ending up at Safeway. We knew we were in either Iowa or Idaho, but we didn't know where the freeway was. We almost got caught once. We even ended up back in the bar, where there was a kitten that we took, and the owner guy came in as we were going out and he was crying. Then we got to a fish restaurant, which was in a blue warehouse, and we went up the steps to ask them where the freeway was, and nobody knew. Then the alarm went off and startled me.
Tags: dreams
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