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Silly People...

I don't know why I suddenly remembered this, but...
A few years ago, Dad and my sister Haley and I went to
Mt. St. Helens to look around. We got to a viewpoint
that looked over a huge ravine and showed flattened
trees and other devastation from the eruption about
fifteen or so years earlier, in 1980. As we got out of the
car and walked to the point, Haley looked around her
and gasped, "What DID this?!" Duh, Haley.

Another funny story... yesterday Mike and I were at his
parents' house, and he went downstairs to get lotion
because he said his face felt dry. He brought the bottle
upstairs and slathered it on his hands and face and up
his arms. He always puts way too much on, so I went to
him so I could get the excess and put it on my hands,
and I commented how it smelled like shampoo. We both
looked at the bottle that he had brought up, and it said,
very plainly, HEAD AND SHOULDERS.
Tags: haley, humor
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