Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Here I am, bright and perky (in more ways than one... I'm wearing my padded underwire today!), having watermelon and pineapple and cheesecake for breakfast, looking forward to an exciting hour of cross-stitch until Glenn comes in to work, and then another half hour until UPS and FedEx arrive...

Cory and I are going to rent a car and drive down to San Francisco on the 13th! (That is, if I can get it off.)

RealPlayer/Jukebox users beware: DON'T DOWNLOAD REALONE! It wouldn't record my CDs, so I uninstalled it and found the older versions of Player and Jukebox and now every time I click on anything on Jukebox it shuts down on me. In fact, I recommend downloading an entirely different program to record CDs into mp3s. This is so annoying.

He didn't call me last night. I didn't think about it until I turned on the light this morning and saw the phone waiting for him on the floor by my bed. I wondered if I'd slept through its ringing. After all, my alarm didn't do the best job of waking me up promptly this morning (OK, so maybe it was my fault)... but then I read his note to me and was glad I wasn't inadvertantly rude to him in my slumber. He wouldn't have had much fun talking to a half-asleep me anyway, I guess, but I like knowing that he can wake me up just to tell me he loves me.

I like rambling.
Tags: cory
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