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Cory's flowers finally arrived this morning. They were supposed to arrive on Friday afternoon, but the FedEx guy said he was late because the wind storm down there caused delays. Cory says they're pretty. I'm glad.

I took the #20 bus home from Sunset Transit Center today. I think I like it more than MAX because there aren't as many people on it and it drops me off right on 21st and Burnside and I have to walk less than half as far to get to my house. I think I'll do that every time now. I just have to figure out where the bus stop is on the other side of the street, and when the bus stops there.

The Red Cross keeps calling and bugging me to give blood. This is the third time now. I am glad that they want my blood in a way, and I know I should help them out because of the shortage right now, but I really don't feel like doing it. I don't want to get another prick in the finger (it almost hurts more than the actual blood-letting) just to find that I don't have enough iron in my system still. I guess I'll have to do it some time. Now's as good as ever.

I had a good weekend. Rachel picked me up at work at 4 and we went straight to Amtrak. We were worried that her boyfriend didn't go get her truck before it got towed, but it turned out OK. We went down to Corvallis, where Rach promptly let out the secret of Cory's flowers. Grr. On Saturday, we made Dutch Babies (again... MMMMM) and went for a hike in McDonald Forest. It was pretty, and now my calves hurt. We hung around on Sunday and while the boys were doing laundry, Rach and I cleaned the kitchen and rearranged Cory's room. It was fun having Rachel around, but I wished I had a little more alone time with Cory. We hardly ever get to see each other, and when we do I tend to get a little selfish. Is that wrong?

I had a dream last night that I was a Playboy bunny, and was hired with another girl for this guy's private party (so basically, she and I were prostitutes for this guy). So I went over to his house and somehow I accidentally invited my dad, so I was frantically trying to make it so that he couldn't see the porn this guy had all over his computer, which was hard because I knew Dad was good at computers. I remember even the desktop wallpaper was a naked girl, so I turned on the screen saver right before Dad came into the room, and it was the same girl. Ack.

Then I dreamed that I was suddenly in London, and I was completely lost. I saw my friend Rachelle from high school and asked her to show me around, so she started to. Then I was suddenly at a choir contest. My highschool choir was standing in a circle in the grass outside the concert hall, and my friend Amy and I were sitting way up in the stands. It'd been awhile since we'd even been in high school, so we obviously didn't know any of the music, but Amy tried to sing along anyway and she sounded horrible. Then I was sitting in the front row of the concert hall, and the last (and apparently winning) choir was about to come out. (Here's a little background... I HATE choirs who get kudos for singing easy songs that seem to sound better just because there's people scattered throughout who play maracas or bongos or triangles or something... kinda like the end of Sister Act II. My choir was always the one that sang the impressively difficult songs, but the general public didn't like that because it was "boring.") So this guy on a drum set starts pounding away and the choir comes out in costume, dancing and talking and doing really weird skits that didn't make sense, and some of the high school kids in the audience started shouting things like "aren't you going to sing?" and their teachers were trying to shush them. Then afterwards a whole bunch of kids go in trouble for being rude. I didn't say anything outloud, but I thought it was awful too, and I was so mad that this choir won without singing anything.

What did I eat last night that made me dream that crap?!
Tags: dreams, trips, valentine's day
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