Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So, I was out in shipping this morning, and Jamie came in and was picking on Greg about his Mardi Gras beads. She told him (in so many words) that he was a pig for wanting so badly to get girls to flash him. I sided with her for several reasons. He got all defensive and stuff, and then started to get kinda in a bad mood. Then a few minutes later, I went to Jamie's desk to have her clarify a shipping request form she filled out, and we were talking a bit, and Greg came up to us and said "Megan, I need you out in Shipping." So I started to finish up my conversation as he left, and when he got halfway across the room he turned back and yelled "NOW, Megan!" Jamie and I looked at each other with our mouths hanging open. I got all red... not because he embarrassed me, but because he made me angry. If he had been in shipping when I got back a minute later, he would have heard something about it. But my anger passed (good or bad? Dunno...) and I didn't say anything. But apparently he does that to a lot of girls. He's got a horrible temper. If he does anything like that again, I definitely will talk to him though.

Now I'm home. I'm gonna go out with Cory tonight. I'm excited. :)
Tags: columbia
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