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What a day.

This morning, I went to Mike's house. Their sump pump
malfunctioned, and the whole downstairs was flooding.
So I helped move furniture and tear up carpet and stuff.
It was pretty bad. When I first got there, I went upstairs
to see Charity. She was alone in the living room, and
she was standing on Mike's keyboard with her hands
on a little TV that was on the floor in front of it. I
wanted to catch her standing on the keyboard, so I said
"Charity, what are you doing?!" And she looked up
and said cheerfully, "I'm peeing!" I got closer and
realized that she was wearing cloth underwear (they ran
out of Pull-Ups that morning) and there was a nice
yellow puddle all over the keyboard and carpet and TV.
GRRRRR! She didn't get in trouble for it either. A little
later, she pooped in the next pair of underwear they put
on her (they obviously didn't have time to go to the
store because the downstairs was flooding) and that
time they got her to the toilet in time to at least finish up
in there rather than in her pants.

This brings me to my point (if there is one)... it really
annoys me that Charity isn't being brought up in a
perfect environment. I understand why her parents
don't punish her when she does things like pee on the
keyboard, kinda... they just aren't around much. They
both work so much, and when they aren't working
they're running around like chickens with their heads
cut off so they don't really have time to potty train her
or make sure that she doesn't do things she's not
supposed to. She's a sweet little girl, but it just annoys
me that I can't do anything about the way she's being
raised except for complain about it. Not that I think that
they're bad parents, because the rest of the kids turned
out fine, it's just that everything's always so hectic
around there that sometimes she gets pushed to the
wayside... I sense that I'm putting my foot in my mouth,
so I'll stop now.

The wind is still howling. It's been pretty bad all day. At
least it's not raining anymore. But I'm afraid I'm not
going to be able to sleep well tonight again. I have to
be at work at 10, which isn't an ungodly hour, but it will
be if I can't get to sleep until almost dawn.
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