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Well, the storm came and went. It wasn't as impressive
as the October storm, but it was pretty good
nonetheless. I like how some thunder is deep like a
drum, and some are loud claps. I also like how the
storms here combine the two. I think it was mostly just
deep thunder in Oregon. And the lightning flickers
here, and REALLY brightly. It was right on top of us for
awhile. Mike and I watched Rogers and Hammerstein's
Cinderella (sort of) while the storm was... storming. But
he fell asleep as Cinderella was on her way to the ball.
Before he fell asleep, he told me "you can leave my
clothes in the dryer, but please don't leave any in the
washer." like I was responsible for his laundry. He
didn't even wake up when I got up off the bed to leave.
He just moved into the center of the bed. Haha. He won
tickets from the radio to see like four bands tomorrow,
none of which he really knows or likes, and he gets to
meet them, so he was trying to listen to all their CD's
(which is really like one each) so he wouldn't feel stupid
when he met them. But did he get through all the CDs
tonight? Of course not. He also had LOTS of laundry to
do. Did he do it all? Of course not. 1 and a half CDs, 1
and a half loads of laundry. They're gonna be wrinkly in
the morning...
Tags: mike, weather
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