Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

My apartment scares me.

On Thursday(...? I think), I was almost late catching the bus in the morning because an inch-long cockroach was crawling across the floor in front of my computer and I had to catch it in a glass and drown it in soapy water. Then in the evening there was a baby one on the bathroom sink, which I washed down the drain, and as I was leaving the bathroom after doing so, there was another one (another inch-long one) crawling across the bath mat by the door.

Last Sunday, I came home to a wet bed because my ceiling leaked again, during the storm the Friday before. Then on Monday, I tried to use my keyboard and found that the water had also dripped into that, and ruined it. I tried to get a new one last weekend but was too busy. So only sporadic (as if that's any different) posting until I get that all fixed. It doesn't look like it hurt my computer in any other way, which is good.

Also, the pipes under my sink have been leaking really bad. I have to keep a bucket under the sink. I told the manager, who said "oh, THAT'S why there's water in the basement!"

Then this morning, I was lying in bed with the light on, and ANOTHER inch-long roach was crawling across the ceiling towards me!!! Cory had to help me drown it this time - he's taller than me.

I'm not all that happy about living where I'm living. However, I have almost no money so moving is out of the question right now. Besides, I like the area a lot. I guess it's not really THAT bad. I should go to Freddy's and get some roach hotels or something. Maybe that'll help. I have no idea where they're coming from, and they're not isolated to the kitchen, so I don't know how to get rid of them. But I'm working out in shipping today, so I guess I can look up info on the internet while I'm bored.

On another note, Cory's almost done with having to work overtime, and I'm SO excited! I'm trying to think of something fun to do in our first non-working weekend in a month. Any ideas?
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