Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Jesse sent me an article last night about a mother and stepfather of a young teenage girl impregnating her with a syringe. I think that's why I dreamed this...

I remember coming into a room and seeing my dad and sister hurriedly pulling on their clothes. A bit later, I confronted Dad. "Are you fucking Haley?!" I asked, thinking for a second about using that language in front of Dad. Dad just smiled, and said yes, and that it'd been about fifteen times. I got all hysterical, yelling at him and Haley and trying to hit them as hard as I could. I just cried and wailed and was so upset. The alarm clock finally woke me up, and I realized I'd been pushing the snooze button every four minutes for almost an hour.

What a yucky dream.

In other news, today Jamie and I decided that we were going to have a contest to see who could lose seventeen pounds the fastest. We were both complaining at lunch about how much weight we've gained, and I said "we should have a race." So I guess the loser buys the winner an hour-long massage. I'd better git crackin'!
Tags: dreams, health
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