Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Ripping a Fatty in Bellingham

Mid-March is WAAAAAAAY too late in the year for snow in the middle of the valley. On Saturday morning, Cory and I discovered that somebody in charge disagrees with that statement. We went from balmy Portland cloudiness through rain and then lots of snow and out the other side into sunshine and -500 (read: +30) degree weather in Bellingham, Washington.

Bellingham has a cute little downtown currently full of WWU students cramming into the cute little coffeehouse we wanted to go to and STUDYING. What's up wit dat? So we had a beer (well, HE did, I had some hard cider, which reminds me: I have some hard lemonade in the fridge!) at a little bar instead, chatting about 6 counts of attempted murder under extremely overpriced watercolor paintings on the wall.

After our drinks, (a slightly buzzed) Cory and I saw some really ugly pictures by some weird dude at the museum. Then we jumped in the car and turned on the heat as high as we could. BRRRRRRR.

At night we watched forensics shows on TLC (yay for hotel cable!) and ate sushi and bread and I drank hard lemonade (the leftovers of which is in my fridge! Whee!) and then we cuddled all night.
Quote: "I'd periodically wake up throughout the night and find myself away from you. But don't worry, I corrected the situation immediately." -coryg

I'm gonna marry that guy.

Anyway, the next morning we received incredibly poor service from a Denny's in Everett, and got to see TEEEEEEEENY baby seahorses at the aquarium in Seattle. Then we ate what we saw at the aquarium with chips.

Everything from Bellingham south was sunny. 101 is kinda boring in Waeyerhauser (how do you spell it?) -ville. How do they decide which trees to cut down next?

Important: If you don't have a huge truck, don't drive on Longbeach because you'll get stuck. (No, we didn't get stuck, some guy did, and we tried to help but the only thing that did was being pulled by a huge truck.) But if you do, it's fun, I'm sure. (I wouldn't know.)

Cory said he watched me sleep and decided it didn't really bother him at all, and he wants to drive down to Austin instead of fly, so I can sleep next to him. That sounds good to me.

I'm gonna marry that guy.
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