Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

He left his guitar at my apartment this morning. (He didn't get to play for me last night - we were so tired...) I might play with it when I get home so I can learn chords. (But then would it be so romantic when he played it for me? :)

As I was typing just now, I got a dizzy spell again. I hate that. Grandma said she's gotten tests done because she has the same thing and the doctors don't know what's wrong. So I figure I've got the same thing. Weird.

This weekend:
I got my eyes checked. Well, that happened on Friday, but it was still technically my weekend since it was after work. They did the dilation test. My eyes hurt until I went to sleep that night. But I got to Greyhound OK despite the pedestrian traffic around PGE Park right after the ball game. I squinted all the way to Corvallis. We went to Big River for steak and lamb and the best squash ever. Mmmmmm. Squash.

Saturday we went to Albany to look for frames. We found some I liked, but I didn't get them because they were WAY expensive. So I guess this Saturday we'll go back to my optometrist and look at their small but very cheap frame selection. And then I'll have to wait another week or two for them to make them for me. Or whatever they do. Anyway, we looked at clothes and I exercised self-control (yay, me!) and then bought Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, which we played that night after we cleaned Cory's car and saw "Panic Room" (which I recommend).

Sunday we played at Grandma's house and ate pork and chocolate (but not together). We were winning at Monopoly until Cory traded our yellow and green properties for their purple and orange ones. We had all hotels and they just had houses but we still had to pay them twice the rent they had to pay us. So if my cousin Taryn didn't get bored so quickly, we would have lost anyway. Oh well.

Haley, THANKS for the TV!!! It works so well! No more forced WB/TBN-viewing! Yaaaaaay!
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