Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I really am glad I woke up so early this morning. Well, it wasn't as early as usual, but I'm glad I left early. You see, it was beautiful outside, and it almost made up for the fact that I was supposed to work for Phyllis today. So, I'm wearing jeans at the front desk today which is a big no-no, and I'm also an hour early. Argh. I just left a message for Lisa to apologize for wearing jeans.

On a better note, my grapefruit breakfast was good.

On an even BETTER note, I had a wonderful weekend. Here's what happened.

It kind of started on Thursday, actually, which was nice. Cory came up Thursday night and I felt bad that I didn't have the money to buy him a camera like I wanted. On Friday, he took me to work and then played around downtown and edited my story about the little boy who finds a fantasy-like world underground. He tore it to pieces, just like he said he would, and I'm so glad he did. It really needed a lot of work. So all day Friday felt like it wasn't a real day. Cory brought me lunch from McMenamin's and I bought him some clothes in the employee store for his birthday. And then he picked me up after work and we rented 4 movies and bought groceries for dinner. "Waiting for Guffman" was the best one, and Hitchcock's "Rebecca" was disappointing - not nearly as good as the book... "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" wasn't as funny as I'd hoped it would be, and "A Fish Called Wanda" was pretty good - I like Michael Palin. (We didn't watch all four movies on Friday night. I kept falling asleep or getting restless, so we spread them out.)
Saturday was a long day. First we went to my optometrist to look at glasses, and didn't really find any that I just HAD to have. Every time I look for glasses and can't find any, I get disappointed. Oh well, it's not like I'll be wearing them all the time anyway. We went to Lloyd Center after wandering around on 23rd for a bit, and looked at the LensCrafters there and weren't satisfied with the prices, of course. The Anne Frank exhibit wasn't going to be open until Monday, so we couldn't walk through that, and it looked like every teenager in the city was at the mall. I keep forgetting how annoying it is to go to the mall on a Saturday. Anyway, when we got home we walked Remmy and went to Gypsy for dinner, where I decided I don't like cocktails (or, really, hard alcohol) anymore; and then we tried to sit outside Brazen Bean but nobody came out to serve us so we went home. It was a pretty night though...
After we went to the Troutdale outlet stores on Sunday morning to get Cory some running shoes, we ended up going up to Mt. Saint Helens the back way. Neither of us had ever been on the Bridge of the Gods before, and it was neat. It looked treacherous. Hwy. 30 was fine most of the way up, with a few patches of snow here and there beside the road, but as we got further up the snow threatened to cover the road more and more, and then around a corner the road became impassible for our little low Tercel, so we turned around and went back to Portland. It was really pretty up there, though. We'll try again when the weather has been nice for longer.
Then we went to Dad's house. Cory was a little apprehensive, since things are kinda weird between Dad and I, but it turned out to be pretty good. I won a 3-handed game of Cribbage, and I showed Cory an old home movie we had on Beta of my sister and I when we were 2 and 5, respectively. I sure talked a lot. I wonder if I still do. :)
So tonight, I have to take the movies back and then I'm going to get started on the revision of my story. I'm excited to have gotten a few new ideas, and I'm sure it's going to be lots better when I'm done with it.

Ugh... I still have half an hour before I have to start work. I hope my friends' page has some interesting stuff on it this morning!
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